April 9, 2017

Festival of Wonder (SDC)

Welcome to the ALL NEW Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City.

At the Gazebo Stage, Brien Engel, a very talent musician, performs on his "glass harp" comprised of goblets and snifters of various sizes by carefully rubbing their rims with moistened fingers.

Performing in the Riverfront Playhouse is Balancing Wonder.

The show features many acts that have appeared in former productions at the show like Cirque Zuma Zuma that played last season during World Fest.

This ladder acrobat made his act look extremely easy.

The difficulty level of his act was crazy high - and he made it look effortless.

Hand to hand balancing was one of the more impressive acts in the show.

The feats of strength performed during their session were amazing.

Vice Versa.

Their act was very impressive.

The final act featured extreme balancing.

Balancing on a board, on top of a ball, on a small platform.

Small pallets stacked 5 high.

The finale was just insane.
We really enjoyed this show.

At the Dockside Theatre, internet sensation, Dan Dunn presented his Paint Jam show.

Dan Dunn is a speed painter.

His first painting was Elvis.  It took maybe 10 minutes to paint it.

The next painting was a quadruple portrait.

A very impressive portrait of the Beatles.  This one took about 12 minutes.

Next he invited this cute 92 year old lady up on stage to do a "Draw Off"

She really did a great job and the segment was a lot of fun.

His final painting was a patriotic piece.

Dan Dunn's show was amazing.  He is extremely talented and fun to watch.

In the Frisco Barn, there are many new new delectable delights to try at the Foods of Wonder.

At the Red Gold Heritage Hall, William Close has brought his Earth Harp to perform.

The Earth Harp is the largest stringed instrument in the world.  His "collective" features some very talented musicians that accompany him during this mini-concert.

William Close is an inventor and has created numerous other instruments besides the Earth Harp, including this contraption that he has coined the "Drum Cloud"

These are "Drum Umbrellas" and actually spin while being played.

The Earth Harp is a really amazing instrument.  I liked how the strings go right above the audience.

It's an entertaining performance.

In the Opera House, Flamenco Kings is performing.

These 6 talented brothers are international Flamenco dancer sensations.

While it is very evident that these brothers are extremely talented at their craft, I personally found the show to be very repetitive.  I chalk this up to my lack of knowledge of this particular art form.

Besides dancing, the brothers are talented musicians.  The violist and cellist perform solos during the show and both are amazing.

The finale of the show features inverted Flamenco dancing.
The show is decent, but like I mentioned above, it is very repetitive.

The All-New Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City runs through April 6th - 30th.