September 24, 2017

Christmas in Midtown Installation (SDC)

Installation of the new "CHRISTMAS IN MIDTOWN" is underway at the park. 

One thing that you will notice as you go through these photos is that the park has gone away from the normal "outline the building" with lights to a full "blanket the building" method.

In addition, they have added faux additions to almost every structure in Midtown to make the area feel even taller and "fuller" during the evening.

Every single structure is completely covered in lights - including the roofs.

Carrie's Candles is a good example of the roof being completely covered.

The framing for the faux additions is rather noticeable during the day, but considering what they add to the display at night - I think most guests will overlook the fact.

Very large support poles have been added to the area to hold the large props such as the moving globe, angels and more.

Some of the smaller buildings have rather large additions on top.  This store across from Grandfather's Mansion is probably the most noticeable.

Another support pole is over near Big Jack's

While Grandfather's Mansion has the blanket lights - it also incorporates some of the outline style as well around the windows and the different door frames on this side of the building.

Another look at the pole near Big Jack's

You can really see the lights on the roof of Valley Woodcarvers.

They have yet to add the "bottom" of the "tree" that will be on the old Treehouse platform, but there are more faux building tops on the building next to the platform.

Another pole and another building covered in lights.

More faux building tops.

This tree is covered in very thick icicle lights.

More faux building tops.

There are several poles in the area.

The final building that is decorated, near the Corkscrew Pass.
Christmas in Midtown debuts with the opening weekend of An Old Time Christmas.  I personally cannot wait to check out this new lighted area.