September 5, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's set of construction photos are courtesy of Sanddunerider. This set of photos has to be the best yet of the Time Traveler layout.

The bottom of the first drop.

 This is the overbanked curve closest to the Echo Hollow Restrooms.

The final corkscrew.

 Quite the knot of track here in the middle of the ride.

Layers and layers of track.

Here is a look at the launch power plant.

The two launch areas.

A different view of the launch areas.

 The Time Traveler track comes very close to the ThuNderaTion track.

 Here you can see the Time Traveler track right over the top of the TNT track below it.

 Here you can see the final elements after the second launch.

This final element is pretty much right over top of TNT as well.

 Thanks again to Sanddunerrider for an amazing set of photos.