September 24, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

We decided to take a trip down to SDC to see the construction for ourselves.  First we would like to show just how big of an area the new construction fence surrounds.  

 You can see it is all the way out to Valley Road.  The Skillet Cookery is to my left and the Christmas Shop is to the right of this photo.

 There is an additional fence from Poke Salad Mary's to the Skillet Cookery.

 Behind that fence is this new foundation.  You can see the new ThuNderaTion arch there in the background on the other side of the fence.

This is obviously going to be the souvenir shop for Time Traveler.  I am surprised at how small it appears to be.

 The exit pathway from Time Traveler is pretty prominent over in the picnic table area near Poke Salad Mary's.

 This section is directly behind Poke Salad Mary's.

 A lot of work has been done of the pathway leading down to the queue area.

 The exit and entrance paths are pretty much side by side.

 Some bracing has been installed here, probably for fence railing.

 You'll definitely get your steps in getting to and from this new ride.

 They have stained the wooden handrails on the exit pathway.

 I got to admit, I did not originally care for the paint scheme of the station, but it actually looks pretty nice in person.

 Here is that transfer track in all of its glory.

 I kind of wish there were a few more mature trees in between the two coasters.

Looks like they have bracing installed for a cat walk next to the final curve of track back into the station.  I think it will continue around to the final brake run.

 Doesn't look like there is track installed in the maintenance bays yet.

 Here's that bracing on the final brake run area that I was talking about.

 The final brake run is higher than the initial swoop out of the station by TNT.

 The view from the Culinary School porch has forever been changed.

I do like how they attempted to make the track and supports blend in though.