September 3, 2017

Park Update (WOF)

A new structure is being constructed in the Europa section of the park where the former Bounce-a-roos attraction was once located.

We are unsure if this building will be utilized for Haunt or Winterfest, but it obviously will be used for one of those (or both) events.

The park installed a new sign on the fence in Africa section to let people know that Prowler is still located down that pathway.

Of course it is understandable that park guests might think that Prowler is closed since everything else in this area is down.  Such as Zulu, which we have yet to see operate this season.

Also is closed is the Shooting Gallery.

Pretty sure that this one won't be returning as the insides are completely stripped bare.

Finally, I'm not sure when this was done, but Mummy's Yummys has a new sign.