September 16, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

 The new construction wall stretches all the way out to Valley Road.  A sign on the fence let's you know how to get to ThuNderaTion.

 The arch with the mine carts on it used to be to the left.

The crane is being used to work on the launch segments and the power building.

The big change since our last update is that they have painted the entire station grey.

One thing to point out is the new covering over the Trailblazer entrance.  It blends in a lot better than it used to.  You will enter in that opening under the stairs if you are going in the stand queue.

The new steps down to the main queue have been created.  It is interesting how close they are to the exit steps back to the town.

The exit platforms look like they are getting closer to being completed.

 One last photo.  You'll see how much higher up the final brake run is compared to the first turn out of the station from ThuNderaTion.