July 19, 2020

Discovery Point at Sea World San Antonio


Welcome to SeaWorld San Antonio

We are going to start off the day by visiting Discovery Point, which is technically the "third park" at the complex (the other two being SeaWorld and Aquatica Waterpark)

Since it was early in the day, the dolphins were being very playful with the trainers

This one wanted some attention too

Looking in from the underwater viewing windows, you could watch the dolphins have their morming zoomies

They were going all over the place

The other main exhibit in Discovery Point is the Explorer's Reef

A large reef in the round tank welcomes you to the building

Potbelly Seahorses

Lion Fish


The ray tank is filled with lots of different species of rays

The shark tank has some really big boys (and girls)

They all look so menacing

Another reef tank

Poison dart frogs

Huge eel

One last reef tank.