July 17, 2020


Welcome to Wonderland Park, located in Amarillo, Texas

As soon as your enter the main gate, you are welcomed by the park's train

The park has a beautiful carousel that they call "Merry Go Round"

Rainbow with its custom backdrop

Wonder Wheel

The first coaster of the day would be Cyclone

Apparently this is an ultra rare mouse type with only 3 operating still in the world

Big Splash Log Flume was next

It doesn't have a very big layout, but it was still a lot of fun


Fantastic Journey is the park's "wacky shack" dark ride.

The Sky Ride runs the length of the front of the park

It is a fun relaxing ride over the midway

It is a round trip ride.  When you get to the far end, you do a 180 and return back to the station

Mousetrap seemed to be the most popular coaster at the park

It really provides some nice pops of air along the course

The largest coaster at the park is Texas Tornado

This was OD Hopkins first attempt at building a coaster and you can see they had to make some adjustments from their original plans

Even with the odd modifications and bizarre looking train, it does provide a decent ride experience

Like I said, odd modifications.



Pipeline Plunge - you ride on rafts down the waterslides

Fiesta Swings

Drop of Fear is a very old school drop ride.


The Hornet.  This used to be the Mayan Mindbender at Astroworld

Bumper Cars

Texas Intimidator


We had an amazing time at this old school park.  It is definitely worth a stop if you are in the area