July 19, 2020

Sea World San Antonio

Welcome to SeaWorld San Antonio

Let's head into the main park

Thanks to the 'rona, the large climbing structure is closed

The carousel was open though

and the newly rethemed Grover's Soapbox Derby

Sesame Street characters were out on the stage to greet guests

You cannot get up close and give hugs though, because of the 'rona

Steel Eel opens at 10am (the rest of the park opens at 11am) so you can get some morning rides on this newly repainted air time machine

It might only be 150 feet tall, but this thing brings it

Next door is WaveBreaker the Rescue Coaster

Even though it has an unnecessarily long name, this launched coaster is a lot of fun

Great White is the park's B&M inverted coaster and is basically a blue Batman the Ride clone

The newest addition to the park is the GCI built Texas Stingray

This is a classic twister wooden coaster and is a lot of fun

Riptide Rescue, basically a modern version of a Huss Troika

Sea Swinger

Journey to Atlantis

Rio Loco

Turtle Reef

Flamingo Island

American Alligators

Beluga Whales

White-sided Dolphins

The penguin exhibit is currently in "winter light mode"


Sea Lion High Show

It ends with a splash

California Harbor

These guys are huge beggers

Orca Experience

They are so amazing

This show is just amazing.

Another great day at Sea World!