July 21, 2020

Six Flags over Texas

Welcome to Six Flags over Texas

It is always fun to visit the original Six Flags park

We started off our day in Spain with La Vibora


El Sombrero

El Diablo

New Texas Giant, the original RMC hybrid, still provides an amazing ride

It is still one of my favorite projects done by RMC

I always love riding Shock Wave

This old school looper still delivers the thrills

Superman Power of Tower is the park's trio of S&S tower rides

Runaway Minetrain is the original Arrow minetrain.  It was a little rough, not going to lie

Texas SkyScreamer

Judge Roy Scream.  One lap was enough

Catwoman Whip

The Joker is another S&S 4D Freespin Coaster

Riddler Revenge.  I love these rides

Batman the Ride

Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast - yep, a mirror image version of our's in St. Louis


Titan finally decided to open in the late afternoon

...and immediately closed back down two laps after mine.

Rodeo is a fun flat ride

The Oil Derrick was actually open for a change

Pretty good views of the park, including the NOW "New for 2021" Aquaman ride

Pretty neat seeing New Texas Giant in motion from up here

One last ride on New Texas Giant before the end of the day.
We had a great time at the park