June 24, 2021

World Update (WOF)


Time for a park update from Worlds of Fun.  In International Plaza, the stage for Grand Carnivale is being built

Prowler received a new wait time sign

It also received new graphics and doors in the queue

The big boxed tree plants are in Prowler Plaza this year

The poles on the African bridge have been redone

Mamba also received a wait time sign

Large potted plants have arrived at the shade structures on Forum Road

The dog show has returned at the stage near the depot

Timber Wolf also received a wait time sign

Snoopy appears in a short cavalcade parade 

The plants and trees are really looking nice in the Front Street Plaza

Subway has closed for good at Worlds of Fun.  A new ice cream shop will take its place

Prospector's Cantina received an all new porch this off season

Burro topiary near Prospector's

Bull topiary near Le Taxi Tour

Finally a fisherman topiary near Panda Express