May 28, 2024


Welcome to Adventureland - Celebrating 50 years in 2024

The Carousel in the town square

Main Street

Leading to the Rockin' Rainbow wave carousel

This complex is home to two different attractions

This is Draken Falls, the park's log flume style ride

This is Flying Viking, the park's family coaster that soars over the flume ride

The world's only indoor wooden coaster, Underground, makes its return this season with major upgrades to its theme

The preshow features a new animatronic

and impressive new smoke screen projection

The entire ride experience has been upgraded (except for the actual trains and track) making for a more exciting ride.  "You ain't afraid of the dark, are ya?"

Petunia the Pig received a new paint scheme for the 50th anniversary

Frantic Freeway Bumper Cars

Still the only ride of its type (smaller model Windseeker), Storm Chaser takes to the sky over Adventureland

Tornado received a new sign

This new art in the queue is also new

This old school out and back still delivers on thrills.

Crazy how right on top of each other these two coasters are

Dragon Slayer STILL ranks as the most intense installation of this type of coaster.  I spun upside 10 times on this thing today.

Heading back into Outlaw Gulch you find Saw Mill Splash

You will also find Outlaw - which also has a new sign this season

The famous curving first drop of Outlaw

Heading back up to the front of the park, you will find Phoenix, a spinning coaster

The Ferris Wheel still holding down the end of this midway after all of these years

The KING of the park is still Monster

This coaster starts with a vertical lift going into a beyond vertical first drop.  It is an amazing ride.

Happy 50th Birthday, Adventureland
Until Next Time