May 5, 2024

Worlds of Fun - Park Update

The changes and upgrades start as soon as you enter the parking lot with new markers on the light poles

A few attractions not scheduled to be open today and some delayed starts / early closures

It appears the new tagline for this season is "Passport to Adventure"

Gateway Gardens Stage is still a work in progress for this year's show

New set up for the drink refill station in Gateway Gardens

Moving into the East Asia section, we find out that they have removed the Pagoda Soda building completely

Panda Express is no more.  A new restaurant is expected later this season

Moving into Americana, the trees in the plaza area are really starting to mature

Cotton Blossom BBQ was renamed to River City Grill

They removed the Rotisserie cooker and no longer serve chicken other than strips

They are in the process of creating covered seating areas near the bridges to SteelHawk

American Spirits has received some new outdoor seating

Cinnabon now serves coffee

For the Swifties, they have Timber Wolf shirts inspired by her 1989 album cover

Also a lot of retro mascot items including PJ Panda

Antique Photos is no more

This is what is inside now.  Could possibly be for the Street Performers

The ICEE station in the Wild West section appears to decommissioned

Nice to see Eli out working the tracks

Up in Planet Snoopy, the Peanuts 500 cars have received new paint jobs

In an unforgiveable move, the musical hopscotch was removed

It does not look like the petting zoo will be returning this season

This might be an expansion pad for Planet Snoopy in the near future

Woodstock Gliders finally got its sun bleached sign replaced

The middle also got new character cut outs added

Moving into Europa, here's the new Autobahn sign that was added late last season

Speaking of the Autobahn, this might be slowest we've ever seen these cars move

Falcon's Flight has been officially removed and the ride pad is now this sad  "Bier Garten"

Nothing screams temporary like picnic tables.
We are guessing that one of the Zamperla rides coming (rumored) next season will go here

Flying Dutchman received an upgraded queue

Le Taxi Tour received new cars

Way too many dead buildings in this section

This building is being used as a warm up space for Choirs during Festival of Music

Moulin Rouge is currently being used for Festival of Music choirs

Huge shocker - Zambezi Zinger was down the entire day

Monsoon is still standing.  Yeah we thought that was weird too

The former control booth for Falcon's Flight is now being used at Scrambler

For the first time in years, Nordic Chaser has sails again

Turkey Legs have a new home at the Chalet

A new ugly yellow wall at the Tivoli Music Hall, which is currently being used for Festival of Music - Bands

The Orient Express car is still in the museum

Some new additions this year include the former lead head of Wacky Worm and a wheel cover from Patriot

The best new addition is the original lighted logo from the Timber Wolf entrance