May 29, 2024



Welcome to Valleyfair

First ride of the day was North Star

Next door was Tilter


Definitely one of my favorite rides here - Steel Venom

The ride may seem simple, but it is literally a blast

Northern Lights is a fun flat ride (yes, not a coaster)


Monster - and yes I am upset that WOF's was scrapped for parts to keep this one running

Still the most bizarre looking ferris wheel I've ever seen


Power Tower (red is turbo drop and blue is space shot)

Xtreme Swing - I am so jealous that VF has one of these and WOF does not

Time for Wild Thing

Unfortunately it has not received the system upgrade like both MAMBA and Steel Force has - so the MCBR bites very hard and kills the momentum in the final bunny hops

High Roller

Mad Mouse

Renegade is running a little rough this season

Still a fun ride

Thunder Canyon was open today (Excalibur was not)

Had a great time at Valleyfair today