May 31, 2024

Six Flags Great America


Welcome to Six Flags Great America

Amazing to see a Condor ride operating

Despite horrible load times, Superman Ultimate Flight is still one of the best coasters out there.  The sensation of flying (especially in the front row) is just so much fun

Dark Knight is an interesting mouse coaster.  While fun, the transitions can be a little rough

After riding Dragon Slayer a few days ago, Joker just seems tame

Batman on the other hand is anything but tame

Had to ride the swing ride

You know I am not passing up an opportunity to ride an Impulse

Anyone else miss Kiddyland?

Goliath stands tall at the back of the park

I'm still surprised that Six Flags hasn't cloned X-Flight at other parks

Demon is still a classic must ride

Amazing how much better their Justice League is compared to the one in St. Louis.  Everything actually works (including the guns)


Giant Drop

Raging Bull is still one of my favorite coasters

I had a good ride on Viper today - of course I didn't ride in a wheel seat so that's probably why

Still the best themed area of the park

Maxx Force is fun for what it is

I still think that it is way too short of a layout

We finished the day with a ride on Goliath after park closing

It was nice walking back to the front of the park without the hordes of school kids that infested the park today

It was a great day