May 30, 2024

Nickelodeon Universe - Mall of America


Welcome to Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America

The marquee attraction is still the  Sponge Bob roller coaster

It does appear to be rougher in a few spots, but is still a great ride

I love the look of this bounce house

Not sure if it was my gun or the actual targets, but Ghost Blasters needs a tune up

I'm sure by now you've seen the video of the lady that can get this thing to spin like crazy.  I'm here today to admit that I cannot.  I am lucky to get it to spin once

Orange Streak is still my favorite ride here.  It proves that coasters can be just for fun and not overly intense.

The Big Rigs wandering through the trees

I think these ride vehicles are adorable

Who doesn't like swings?

These bumper cars are pretty lame, sorry not sorry

I am good for one ride on Brain Surge before I'm done.  I'm surprised there isn't more protein spills on this ride

Avatar is not nearly as scary as Jimmy Neutron at American Dream.  I think the shoulder straps make you feel more secure


Ferris Wheel (this thing allows you to get some neat visuals of the park)

Cute crazy bus themed to Diego

They had a new Dumbo Spinner ride themed to Avatar

The Shredder ride is a lot of fun

Of course we had to ride the Log Flume and say hi to Babe the Blue Ox

Boots has a Banana Swing

Bubble Guppies was moved to make way for the new Avatar Dumbo Ride

Fairly Odd Parents is still a fun coaster

Good times at the park - let's go check out the rest of the Mall