June 20, 2024

Oceans of Fun


Welcome to Oceans of Fun

Coconut Cove was popular today

However with the removal of all the cool things it used to have - slides, floating climb structures, lilly pad walk, water spray mushrooms, spray nozzles and so much more - is it nothing more than a glorified community swimming pool

The oldest slide in the park is still going strong

Aruba Tuba was actually open today

The Raceway was very popular today.  Long line

It is too bad it had to replace Diamond Head, but it is definitely an upgrade

The lazy river must have had its pumps replaced during the off season because it was going strong today

Hurricane Falls had a nice long line today

Lots of people enjoying Paradise Falls

The waves pretty much suck now at the wave pool since they made it so much more shallow

Constrictor is still my favorite of the tube slides on this complex

It was nice to see all three of the body slides in operation today