June 1, 2024

Six Flags St. Louis - Joker Update

Time to check back in on the construction site for the Joker.
Since our last visit, they have been able to lay down a lot of concrete

The smaller plot will be the funhouse section of the queue line and the larger one is obviously the loading section for the ride

A look at the footer closest to the fun house

I'm not sure if this will be same size as the funhouse at Fiesta Texas, but it is pretty neat that we are even getting one to begin with

This curvy path will lead from the queue line after the funhouse to the staging area before boarding

There is still a section of queue line concrete that will need to be installed in this dirt section

I believe this area will be the mechanics building that will power the ride

Still think that it is a shame that you are swinging out over the Thunder River lagoon, but still very happy that this ride is coming to our park.  The ride is scheduled to go vertical this next week as ride components have finally arrived and are staged in employee parking