June 17, 2024

Union Station St. Louis - New for 2025

Union Station St. Louis Announces New Amusement Rides for 2025

St. Louis, Missouri -- Union Station announces new amusement rides are set open in time for Memorial Day Weekend 2025.  The new attractions will be situated adjacent to the iconic St. Louis Wheel on the south end of Union Station, within the vibrant Wheel Park area, which already boasts popular attractions such as the Carousel and Mini Golf course.


A thrilling coaster, themed as a train, celebrates the rich railway heritage of St. Louis Union Station. This ride promises to deliver twists, turns, and fun for the whole family. The coaster reaches a height of 22 feet and has 16 seats. 


A classic amusement ride that will take guests on a swashbuckling adventure, swinging high above the park and offering spectacular views. The Pirate Ship ride will stand at 48 feet 6 inches high and has 42 seats


An exciting swing ride themed to pay homage to the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, this ride will elevate guests to new heights with a thrilling and breezy experience perfect for all ages. The Wave Swinger will be 43 feet 6 inches high and seats 64


Complementing these new attractions, a selection of classic carnival games will be introduced, enhancing the nostalgic, family-friendly atmosphere of the Wheel Park. Guests can test their skills and win prizes in a variety of games


To complete the experience, new concession booths will offer a range of fan-favorite snacks and treats. From classic carnival fare to sweet indulgences, there will be something to satisfy every craving as visitors explore the expanded entertainment area.