June 20, 2024

Worlds of Fun - Park Update


There has been some major upgrades in Gateway Gardens.
New turf has been installed by the stage along with numerous lounge chairs

They also installed more turf over in the hexagon

A new stage has been installed over in the seating area for Gateway Pizza

Two cute themed popsicle decorations are also near Gateway Pizza's seating area

The new restaurant that is replacing Panda Express still is not open

The petting zoo is definitely not coming back

There's some leftover props that have been placed in the building

Most of them are from the trick-or-treat trail

A couple are from a former Peanuts Showcase show

This one used to be part of the Space show where the doghouse was turned into a rocket ship

This is the design for the floral clock looks this season

There's lots of holes being dug in the MAMBA queue

There are some fun signs posted to tell what is going on

This is one is quite humorous considering that camels really did get lose at Cedar Point here recently

The leading speculation is that these will become part of a new shade structure for the queue

There are holes next to each level of the queue

They are actually very deep

This has really made the queue area a mess and they have several sections roped off for guest safety

It will be interesting to see what the end product looks like upon completion

Until next time