June 20, 2024

Worlds of Fun - Entertainment


Samuel Weston - inventor of the Cloudpoofer 1000 is now meeting guests in the Wild West section

The Moulin Rouge Revue is back with another strong show this season

The train show is back for another season

The show is literally a BLAST!

Squawk is back for another season in the Africa section

They do a nice job.  Very entertaining show

New this season at Country Junction is The Great American Train Adventure Possum Trot Election Day Reveal ceremony

Sam is going to use his Cloudpoofer 1000 to announce the winner of the election

If the smoke is blue the guy wins and if it is pink the lady wins

Wait the smoke is white

Time to get out the rule book to see what it means

Don't forget to Woo when prompted

White smoke means that it was tie.

Guess we'll have to have another election tomorrow