June 27, 2024

Six Flags St. Louis - Joker Update


The Joker is completely installed and is quite impressive looking

Really like the logo at the top

The fun house entrance for the ride is coming together

There was a popular theory that it was going to be a prefab installation, but that is obviously not the case

Framing has started on this side of the fun house

Once you exit the fun house portion of the queue line you will then enter a covered portion to wait before you meet the grouper to get your seat assignment.

This is actually unexpected but an amazing addition to the project.  Summer heat in St. Louis is no joke so shade while waiting is definitely welcomed.

The ride flies directly over the queue, so it doubles as protection from possible flying debris

After navigating that section of queue, you will then meet a grouper who will assign your seat number.  Notice how this area also will have a covering.  The building in the middle will be the control booth for the ride

Loose articles will be placed in bins around the perimeter of the ride

Once loaded and restraints have been checked, the floor will slide out, as you can see here, so you can begin your flight

This is the building that will hold the mechanical and electrical components for the ride

Are you ready to take flight on the all new Joker?

The ride really looks impressive in its new location

and has really changed the skyline of the park.
Workers claim that the park is aiming for a mid-July opening