Thursday, June 23, 2022

Project 50 (WOF)



Chamber of Horrors (the old Zambezi Zinger queue house) has seen some activity lately with things being cleared out.  Is this for Project 50 or are they refreshing this Haunt maze?

This is where the clearing has begun

This area was overrun with brush but has been cleared out

This area has pretty much been cleared of all trees and brush.  Boomerang is to our left

Lots of trees gone here and there is a few more marked for removal with the orange tape

More clearing happening here

Our final photo might be the most compelling piece of evidence that Project 50 will be going where the Dinosaur exhibit was located.  This truck says GBA which is the company listed on the project permit.  

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Project 50 (WOF)



New work permits have been filed for "Project 50" at Worlds of Fun

Park Update (SFSTL)


The ramp project at Screamin' Eagle seems to not be progressing very quickly.

I imagine one day it will finally be done and open, but I don't see it happening any time soon

American Thunder is still down.  We are approaching a month since the last time it operated

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Project 2023 (SDC)



The building for the Fire in the Hole replacement attraction continues to see progress at a record pace

As of right now we have not seen any track on site, but we figure pieces should be showing up soon

For those of you not familiar with the older Fire in the Hole building, the footprint of this new building is smaller.  However it about two times taller.  This means we will have more levels to this ride and probably a much taller finale drop.

The amount of siding already up on the road side of the building is pretty impressive. We believe that there will not be any track added before this side of the building is completely closed in

Let's look at the building from the train now.  Here is the queue building and then the main building

We talked about the access door area last time and we are even more convinced that this is what it will be.  Looks like the track pieces will be brought into the building here once it goes vertical

This side of the building appears to be in the process of being prepped for siding installation

So one thing to point out here is that the siding is different than the road side.  We have what looks like a window pattern going and we imagine that this will continue on this side of the building.

We have received reports that they are trying to get this side of the building done next as it will be used for Pumpkins this fall and the wall of storage containers will be removed permanently

Inside the Firehouse now for these next few photos. Here is a look at that semi that is parked in the structure still.  The only way it will be able to get out is through that access door way that you can see on the right part of this picture.

Here is the queue area and you can see they are doing some work out in the courtyard area that will be in front of the building

This semi is just so random and very red.

So you cannot see the lower part of the wall from the train due to the construction fences, but it has been completed up to the access doorway on the Pumpkins Plaza side.

It does not appear that they have put any siding on the area between the access door and the queue building yet.

One last photo from inside Fireman's Landing.  Again this is where the entrance to the ride will go.

Project 2022 (SDC)


Project 2022 appears to be making a lot of progress

The clearing has really grown in this project area located just outside of Fireman's Landing near the Boatworks Theater

All reports seem to point to this being a Festival Food area and that it will debut for Harvest Festival and will be used during the Christmas Festival as well.  It will then be used for all Festivals starting next season

The other construction area, where the fire was last season, is pretty dormant right now

All reports say that this will be home to a large food court area that will debut in the 2023 season.  It will help restructure this area and some of the elements around the Plunge / Wildfire entrance areas will be changed during the off season to coincide with this new reimagined area

Summer Concert Series - ABBA (SDC)



As part of the Summer Concert Series, Silver Dollar City hosted "Dancing Dream: ABBA Tribute Band" for an evening concert on Saturday during Season Passholder Appreciation Days.  The following photos are from the evening concert

Amazing show.  If you were not there, you really missed out.

This concludes this season's Summer Concert Series.
We look forward to an upcoming announcement on who will be performing in 2023