December 28, 2022

Six Flags Fiesta Texas


Welcome to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Wonder Woman is a single rail coaster that packs a huge punch

It is crazy the intensity this thing holds in such a small footprint

I have always loved S&S tower rides since I rode my first at Worlds of Fun.  Scream is a guilty pleasure at this park that I will always take time to ride

I just love the look of the Hustler ride.

Pandemonium tends to get overlooked in this park with so many headliners, but I think it is worth a ride

The Joker is such a fun ride. The line for the ride (other than going through the fun house) is not fun though.  Always a long line for this ride

Super-Villains Swing.  Not sure why it's not called Crime Wave

One of my favorite floorless coasters - Superman Krypton Coaster

The setting of the ride is what makes it special

SkyScreamer here seems so short after riding the one at SFOT

Daredevil Dive is awesome.  I really wish we had one closer to home

We only got one ride on Iron Rattler today due to it only running one train - and we had to splurge for Flash Lane to even get it.  The wait was over 2 hours stand by

Roadrunner Express was also running one train and had a wait almost 2 hours long.  We used the single rider line to get on in about 15 minutes

The newest coaster at the park is Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger.  This steam punk themed ride has a pretty impressive preshow that has two different rooms

The ride itself is a B&M dive coaster and it is a lot of fun

This is the first dive coaster to have rows of 7 passengers

It is a great addition to the park and we were lucky to be able to marathon it at the end of the night when most of the crowd had already left.

Goliath is the Batman clone at the park.  Always a fun ride

We passed on Boomerang this visit, but have to admit it is a good looking coaster (for a Boomerang)

Since our last visit, Poltergeist received a major upgrade in themeing.  It is extemely impressive looking both outside in the queue and in the indoor queue / load area 

The track and supports also received a new paint scheme.  At night there is a light package that makes the whole structure glow an eerie green color

The original free-fly 4-D spin coaster still exists.

I have to admit, I'm not as big of a fan of these as I was when they first came out

Night caught us but we wanted to make sure we hit one last ride in this area

The Pirate version of this ride is so much better than the Boo Blasters.  Glad we decided to brave the line and ride it