December 20, 2022

An Old Time Christmas - Shows (SDC)


We're back with part 2 of the entertainment offerings for this year's An Old Time Christmas festival at Silver Dollar City

We started the day with Dickens Christmas Carol, which has been a staple of this festival for a very long time

The show still features the new music that was debuted after the pandemic

Personal opinion is that the new music is not near the same level as the old score, but the cast is very talented this year and does its best with what they have to work with

The show is still demanding full houses so if you plan to watch the show, we highly suggest getting in line early (or going straight there once rope drops)

Great job, cast of Dickens 2022

Our vote for best show this season goes to Coming Home for Christmas

This show is a traditional Branson Christmas Show Extravaganza

Growing up going to the annual Andy William's Christmas Spectacular on the strip in Branson, this year's Coming Home for Christmas really brought me back

Talented singers, dancing, sets.  It was a treat

The fact that there was only one small section (we call it the kitchen apron scene) that we didn't care for is quite telling.  The rest of the show was on point

Other than the Saloon Show, this is our vote for "don't miss" this season

Tinker Jr. is back again this year - you've been warned parents

The Living Nativity is back at Dockside.  They've tweaked the show some and it seems a lot tighter this season.  Good improvements

With the train out of commission this year for An Old Time Christmas, the sing-a-long has been moved to Tom and Huck's Stage

After the sing-a-long, Grandpa tells his story just like he would have on the train

Joy on Town Square is back again this season

I'm not sure if they've added new songs this year or if we were just on the Square at a different time than we are normally, but we enjoyed the "new to us" music and graphics on the tree

Really enjoyed "When They Saw the Star".  That song featured some neat wisemen on camel graphics

Hard to believe that another season has come to a close.
We cannot wait to start visiting again in 2023.