December 29, 2022

Sea World San Antonio


Time to head over to the main park and check out their animal exhibits

We first headed to Pacific Point Preserve to check out the sea lions

They were having a good time jumping off the rock features

Next door at Sea Lion Stadium we got to learn more about Otters

and sea lions

Both the otters and sea lions seemed to be having a great time

The penguin exhibit was closed for some major upgrades, but the puffins were open for viewing


Ocean Discovery at Beluga Stadium

The belugas were a lot of fun to watch

Doing enrichment with their trainer

The dolphins dancing across the surface of the pool

They can really get some air when they leap out of the pool

Turtle Reef

I think I counted 3 sea turtles in the large tank

Orca Encounter was our final animal show of the day

Such an amazing display of power.