December 27, 2022

Six Flags over Texas


Welcome to Six Flags over Texas

We decided to rope drop La Vibora due to its very slow loading

This will easily have the longest line on park later in the afternoon

The other ride we always hit early is Runaway Mountain

It too has a low capacity and sine they have a Christmas overlay right now it is even more popular than normal.

We headed to The Joker next, it had finally opened for the day.  Our cart barely flipped so we were underwhelmed with our ride

We decided to try the double seat Catwoman Whip.  Ours back home is only a single seat

Riddler Revenge was next.  Great ride, horrible load times.

Batman was next.  Its amazing that this layout still holds up after all these years

SFOT decided to flip their Mr. Freeze back around so that it shoots out of the station forward instead of backwards like ours.  I have to admit, going forward first is not nearly as much fun

Texas Sky Screamer takes you up over 400' into the air.  It was really windy up there and it was pushing the carts around.  Not as scary as the one on the Galveston Pier that does that all the time, but still unnerving

They painted their Pandemonium purple.  I'm not sure if this is for an upcoming retheme or what

Would this theme work anywhere else other than Texas?

Superman Tower of Power is a great way to see the park

Shockwave is always a must ride for us

Titan was basically a walk on both days.  Love this ride

New Texas Giant is still a lot of fun

Really liked the decorations in the station

Had a great time at the park.  Only coasters that were not in operation were the Minetrain and Judge Roy Scream.