December 20, 2022

City Update (SDC)


The roof supports have gone up for Lumbercamp 2 dinning pavilion

Like we have mentioned before, this will resemble the dinning area at Riverfront Smokehouse when completed and will have a great view of the waterfall.

This new dinning area is a much needed upgrade to what is currently available in the area

The foundation for Fried Fancies has been poured

The footprint of the building is larger than the old one.

Zooming out to get a better look at the area.  The Furniture store has markers for its foundation on the far side of the site but there does not seem to be much movement on it yet.

One last look at the work being done on Lumbercamp 2.
It makes us wonder if the current Lumbercamp will be taken down and reimagined to match this in the near future.

Outside the park, the foundation for the new employee dorms has been poured.  We imagine that this will be a very fast project as we are sure the park wants it ready before next season