December 29, 2022

Discovery Point at Sea World San Antonio



Welcome to Sea World San Antonio.  We are going to start off our day in Discovery Point

The first exhibit you come upon is the Dophins

The trainers were busy doing enrichment exercises with the dophins

They were doing some tests on this dolphin and then rewarding with full body rub downs

Make sure you check out the underwater viewing

The dolphins were being extremely playful

Explorer's Reef is the other large exhibit in Discover Point

You are greeted by a 360 reef tank

Don't skip the smaller tanks on the left side of this building, there's lots of neat sea life

Lionfish are always impressive to look at

The shark tank is always the main draw to this exhibit

The sharks are really fun to watch swim

More smaller tanks to check out

The final tank is fun to check out to see the eels

I could probably spend hours in here watching the sea life, but we have more things to check out