December 21, 2022

Fire in the Hole (SDC)

Track for the new Project 2024 addition in Fireman's Landing has arrived.

As we have been reporting for awhile, this appears to be RMC track.  The welds, smooth compound curves and the attachment areas on the end of each pieces really confirm that RMC is supplying the track components for the ride

Here you can see supports.  The small posts are for the lower level and then the upper levels use a scaffolding style of support.

Not sure if these anchors are part of this or not, but they were staged near the rest of the parts so I figured I might as well photograph them too

You can see more track and supports on the far end of this lot.  We are unsure if all of the track is now here in Branson or not as we are not exactly sure how big this project will be once built in the gravity building.  We do now, as of now, that it will feature at minimum three levels of track as that is what is currently up inside the building

The main pile of track

Trying to get a closer shot of the ends so that you can see the attachments on the end that only RMC uses

One last shot of the track.  This will all be covered in snow here in the next few days thanks to the storm that is coming in

Here's the gravity building from near the entrance to the Maintenance and Construction building backstage from the park.