May 18, 2016

Bluegrass & BBQ (SDC)

Welcome to Bluegrass & BBQ Festival.  The festival's main event takes place at the Red Gold Heritage Hall where the House of Barbeque is located.

The cookers outside were all fired up to make more yummy food.

The stage inside features different Bluegrass acts throughout the festival.

The main reason anyone comes to this festival is the food.

I decided on the fully loaded baked potato with brisket from the Dickie's stand.

Elsewhere in the park is a BBQ sauce tasting stand.  Lots of yummy sauces here.

Not part of the festival, but worth mentioning is that the Saloon has a new show.

Mean Murphy is back with his silver nose.  It's a really fun show.
The Bluegrass & BBQ Festival runs through the end of May.