May 29, 2016

Soak City Valleyfair

Welcome to Soak City - Valleyfair's waterpark.

Barefoot Beach is the waterpark's new splash pad.

The newest slide tower features Breakers Plunge (a freefall body slide) and Breakers Pipeline which features launch capsules.  Two straight down and two twisty body slides.

Breakers Bay is the park's wave pool.  I have to admit I was underwhelmed by the size of the waves that it produced.  Surely there is a way to get some bigger waves.

Over in the "older section" of the waterpark.  You have Panic Falls which features two raft slides and two speed body freefall slides.

Ripple Rapids is the park's lazy river and the other river is Raging Rapids, which features a more white water rafting experience like what you'd experience at Schlitterbahn.

Here is the exit to Raging Rapids.  A nice little cave that ends in a waterfall.

The park has additional splash station area - this is called Splash Station and the kiddie lazy river in the back is called Giggle Run.

The final ride at the park is the family raft ride called Hurricane Falls.

They have a good start on their waterpark.  They just need some more capacity.  I hope the powers that be have an additional expansion for the waterpark in the works soon.