May 28, 2016

Dutchman's Deck (MOA)

Welcome to Dutchman's Deck Adventure Course.

The Adventure Course has really grown up since the first time we visited.  While the original ropes course is still there - several new activities have been added.

Let's focus on the ropes course first though.  The course features a total of 3 levels plus one activity on the 4th level (which is the plank).

Participants are secured in a harness and then strapped to a rope which goes on a track above them.  This keeps the participants safe through each of the obstacles.

The newest addition to the Adventure Course is a double zipline.  You board on the 4th level and then zip across the entire Nickelodeon Universe park.

The line goes all the way to the other side of the park (near Jimmy Neutron for those familiar with the layout of Nickelodeon Universe).  There you are transferred to another lip and you return back to the ropes course area.

When you get back to the ropes course, you are on the lower platform under the cannon prop.  I have to admit, it was quite enjoyable zipping through the air over the park.

The final activity (and your exit from the course) are these two twisty slides called Anchor Drop.  You ride on potato sack which helps you go a bit faster.  Honestly, the slide were probably my least favorite of the activities at the course.  

The Adventure Course was a lot of fun.  You can do all 3 activities for just over $15, which in my opinion is some cheap entertainment.  A Nickelodeon Universe wristband is not required to do this attraction, which makes it a cheaper option for families.