May 26, 2016

Park Update (WOF)

Welcome to another week's worth of updates from Worlds of Fun.  
Let's start by checking out things in Bicentennial Square.

I thought it was interesting that this particular area is fenced off like a porch.

Potted plants have been added along the facade.

The park is still being mum on what exactly is happening there.

There's no way to sugarcoat it.  Bicentennial Square is a "dead zone" in the park.

Doesn't look like anything has changed at Thunderhawk

So other than ripping out the ride.  They just left everything else.

Seems rather strange to me, but I'm sure they had a reason.

They still haven't filled the lake by Timberwolf 
(the water you see if from the storm that rolled through earlier in the day)

So new catci have appeared over by the depot and Battlecreek BBQ

Live entertainment has finally started up at the park.
In the Moulin Rouge Theatre is a a new 80's music review show.

The show called "Don't Stop Believing" utilizes stereotypical costume choices.

The "hair band" section of the park had some interesting costume choices.
Yes that is a bedazzled football shoulder pads on one of the boys.

Overall the show was enjoyable.

I found it to be on par with other past Moulin Rouge Shows.

Rounding out this update a few quick notes from around the park.
They have been quietly adding new benches around the the park.

Tivoli's entrance facade could use some help.  The theater is dark this year, but recent KIVA filings for a new storage addition for instruments makes me think it will be used in future seasons for live entertainment again.

The replacement of railroad tie flower beds continues between Africa/Scandinavia.  I'm pretty sure the cement support is new for this year as well.

Another addition to the themed placemaking in Americana - this is near the depot.

That concludes this week's update.  It might be a couple of weeks before we are back at the park. Until then - see you on the midway!