May 29, 2016


Welcome to Valleyfair!

The "updated" fountain has grown on me.  It's become a great icon for the park.

Valleyfair is celebrating its 40th season of thrills this year.

New this year is Flying Eagles.  Valleyfair is one of the last parks in the chain to receive a Larson Flying Scooters.

Steel Venom is a guilty pleasure for me.  I really like this ride.

I have to sit in either the front or second row as the twisty spike is where it's at.

Other rides in this area include the Scrambler and Northern Lights (Disko Coaster)

There is also a Tilter in the area.

The new location of the Antique Cars I find to be a huge improvement.

Who doesn't enjoy driving underneath tall rollercoasters?

Next I headed to the back of the park to ride Excalibur.

The coaster quickly reminded me why it never has a line.  Ouch!

Also back in the very back part of the park is Thunder Canyon.

The marquee wooden coaster at the park is the GCI built Renegade,

The coaster provides a pretty extreme ride which some might call "rough"

I found that if you ride near the front and also ride aggressively, a lot of the "rough" sensations will be minimized.  It's a fun ride, but far from smooth.

Other rides in the area include the Looping Star Ship.

There is also a Chance Wipeout called Wheel of Fortune.

Heading back towards the front we come across our next coaster Mad Mouse.

I personally enjoy this coaster a lot.  I just wish that dispatch times were a lot better.

The park also has a classic out-and-back wooden coaster called High Roller.

The coaster provides great pops of air time through it's L-shaped course.

A great coaster ride - and an excellent one to start your young riders on.

Wild Thing was next.

Wild Thing was the first of the 3 DH Morgan built hypercoasters for the Cedar Fair chain.

The out portion of the ride features some great sustained moments of airtime which are a lot of fun.

Rode both sides of Power Tower.  I prefer the Turbo Drop towers as I feel the Space Shot tower is just too tall to be able to provide the stereotypical "pop" of air found on shorter models by S&S.

The park also has a S&S swing ride called Xtreme Swing.  I love these rides.  Every park needs to have one.

One of the most photogenic coasters in the park is Corkscrew.

Major props to the crew for how quickly they were dispatching trains today.

The iconic (and slightly weird looking) Ferris Wheel of Valleyfair

Well we are back to the front of the park again.

I had a great time at the park.  I do feel that Valleyfair needs to make a major addition to the park soon.  As it stands right now, the park has only added a few waterslides and a flying scooters since the last time I visited two years ago.  Let's hope Valleyfair's drought of major thrill rides comes to an end soon.