May 28, 2016

Nickelodeon Universe (MOA)

Welcome to the newly expanded Mall of America!

Let's go inside and ride at Nickelodeon Universe.

I started with the original coaster at the park - Orange Streak

I love how the coaster winds itself all over the park.

It's not intense by any means, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Again, I love how it winds over everything at the park.

Shell Shock is one of many unique rides at the park.

The ride allows "skilled" riders to twist their seats upside down.

The next ride of the day would be Sponge Bob's Rock Bottom Plunge.

The coaster starts off with a straight down plunge from the lift hill.

This crazy coaster has a layout that features 2 inversions and lots of tight twists.

Ghost Blasters is the resident Sally shooting ride.  Unfortunately it needs to be calibrated because the guns were having a hard time finding their targets.

I have to admit, the new entrance for el Circulo del Cielo makes a lot more sense.

Another unique ride at this park is Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider.  
This is the only ride of its type in the USA.

One of the newer rides at the park is Shredder's Mutant Masher.

The ride features a spinning pendulum that soars up to the mall's ceiling.

The lighting package is really neat looking when the sun goes down and the park gets darker.  This is a great upgrade from the Falling Star that used to be there.

That star attraction of the park is the Log Flume.  It makes me extremely happy that the Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox animatronics are still alive and well in the mountain.

The next major coaster at the park is the Fairly Odd Coaster.

This was the coaster that started the spinning coaster fad across the country.

The final major coaster (well some might not classify it as a coaster) is Avatar: Airbender.

The coaster consists of a large surfboard and two pods that rotate.  It can be a lot of fun if the weight distribution right on your pod - you'll spin like crazy.

SplatOsphere is the drop tower at the park.  It's not that tall, but I thought it was fun.

Another unique ride the park has is Brain Surge.  This uni-coaster ride features pods that you can rotate forward or backwards.  So you can get as dizzy as you want.

The Backyardigans Swing-a-long features both forward facing and backwards facing seats.  

Crazy Cars - I'm sorry to the parents of the kids that I made cry when I rammed their cars.

The final ride we'll cover is the newest kiddie ride at the park.

Guppy Bubbler is a Samba Tower that took the place of the old balloon chase.

I had a great time at Nickelodeon Universe.  I highly suggest checking out web deals on pay-one-price ride bracelets.  You'll save major bucks.