May 21, 2016

Park Update (WOF)

The placemaking project in Bicentennial Square continues.

They are going all out with the new facades - notice the new brick treatment under the windows on the right.

They finished the shingles on the side of the building on the end.  Looks great.  Still have no idea what they are doing here though.

Not much has changed here at the ThunderHawk pad.  That should change here in the near future if currently rumors pan out.

The one thing for certain is that the park is going to have to add something to this area to get people to go back into Bicentennial Square.  The games in the area were closed today and it's a SATURDAY.

Not much movement over by the markers and the teaser banner.

The decorative top has finally been added to Linus' Launcher

The ride looks much better with the decorations.

We'll end this week with the kiddie train, which has received more cactus topiaries.  

See you next week!