February 8, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

We're in Scandinavia to look at the progress at the front plaza and gate area.

If you are thinking "something is missing" - you're correct.  The former rental area has been removed and will receive a new structure near the gate.  This area has been rumored to become a new Funnel Cake stand to replace the one that was torn out in the Balkan Bazaar.

The asphalt in this entire area has been ripped out and they are in the process of putting in new cement everywhere.

Over by Pizzo Pizza you can see where they have already laid a good amount of cement.

Panning on around you can see more cement and what looks like a new structure up on the hill.

This "new" structure was the former First Aid building.  It will now be a drink and snack stand.

It looks like they've build steps and a ramp up to this new building.

The other building that has gone up in the background is the new Guest Relations.

There looks to be a building in the former Guest Relations location.  I am not sure if this is the same building or a new one, but we have not been told what will be housed there yet.