February 18, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

Thanks to Steve Murphy, we have some photos from the opposite direction for a change.  You can see down the hill what used to be the First Aid Building - this will now be the the locker and rental building.  The old turnstiles used to be to the left of that building.

Next you can see what used to be the Guest Relations building is getting a makeover.  We do not know if it will continue being the Guest Relations building or not.

You can see the back of the new Guest Relations building in this photo and where it is located in relation to the old Guest Relations building -- and look at all the new cement.  It looks amazing.

So here is the new Guest Relations building.  Next, look closely past that building and you will see green steel beams.  This is the new turnstiles that have finally gone vertical.

Panning on left you can see where the new ticketing building is located.  You can also see the roof of the Grand Pavilion in the Catering Village just over the hill.  You can also see the steel beams of the turnstiles.

The cement is getting closer to completion in the newly dubbed "International Plaza" -- one thing that I have noticed is that they have left out areas which, I assume, will be the homes to brick pavers.  Thanks again to Steve Murphy for this update as it really helps with the location of buildings in this new "world"