February 11, 2017

St. Louis Zoo

Welcome to the St. Louis Zoo.  It is a beautiful 73*F day.

The park is nearing completion on its newest exhibit.

Called Grizzly Ridge, it will be home to two bears.

The exhibit is scheduled to open this summer.

The primates of the Fragile Forest were very active today.
This is an Orangutan.

Several Chimpanzees were out inspecting the food piles.

There were several Lowland Gorillas out today but this was the closest one to the guests.

The zoo has a nice carousel.

I always enjoy visiting the Penguins.

I personally feel that the St. Louis Zoo's set up is one of the best.

I love how close you can get to them and the fact they are not behind glass.

There are also Puffins in this exhibit.

The zoo has a great Polar Bear exhibit.

He was really performing for the guests today.

There were lots of sleepy kitties up in Big Cat Country.
This is an Amur Tiger.

Amur Leopard.

Snow Leopard.

African Lion.  Look how happy he is to be sleeping in the warm sunshine.

Grevy's Zebra.

They have expanded the Giraffe enclosure.

With the adolescent Giraffe becoming bigger it was probably needed.

They had a couple of Ostriches in the Giraffe enclosure as well.

Red Kangaroo

Takin.  I have to admit I've never heard of these animals before.

Yellow-Footed Tortoise.

Dwarf Caiman.

Northern Spider Tortoise.

Aldabra (spiky shell) and Galapagos (smooth shell) Tortoises.

That's one big snake - Green Anaconda.

American Alligator.

The underwater viewing tube for the Seals and Sea Lions is awesome.

Sea Lion.



Painted Dogs.


African Elephants.

The two youngsters were out today with the herd.
This is one of the best zoos in the nation - hands down.