February 12, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Thanks to sanddunerider, we have some new construction photos to share.

So the big news this week is how the construction has really encroached on ThuNderaTion.

This huge footer is practically right under park of the track for TNT.

As massive as this footer is, it must be for something rather large.  That makes two huge footers now in the area - and you can see the second on closer to the bottom of the photo.

When you compare those newly created footers to the size of these footers up here.  There is a big difference.

Also worth noting is how close the footers are to the exit of the tunnel on TNT.

They are seriously right there and it looks like they are on both sides of the track.

Panning on north you can see that strange cluster of footers near the exit to that tunnel.

Panning out you can see just how different this area looks.  A lot of trees have been removed.

Not sure what is going on here, but there is an interesting piece of machinery on site.

Here is another shot of how close those footers are to TNT.

Work is continuing on the main building for this ride.

Panning north some more, we can see that major footer that we highlighted last update has been completed.  I still think this is where an inversion will be located.

Panning north some more and we see lots of footers.  The part that is promising to me is that there are still a lot of trees left in this section.  I hope that remains the case.

It is interesting how close the footers come to Echo Hollow.

Sandunerider decided to get photos from another angle this week.

Here you can see how close the construction is to the TNT helix section.

Finally here is a side profile of the main building for the ride.  It is quite massive.

Special thanks again to sandunerider for sharing these construction photos with our viewers.