February 22, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

We have some new photos of the progress at the Time Traveler site thanks to sandunerider.  The first thing you are going to notice is that our view into the construction site is going to be rather limited now until after the park opens.

The park has decided to build a new fence and what looks to be a new gate.  I'm sure that it will be used as access to Echo Hollow for the their new Concert Series.

They are putting up a fence on the other side of the entrance as well.

The major news is that the ride's station and maintenance bay is growing even taller.

You can kind of see how walls are starting to go up on what we will call the 2nd level.

Here is a better view of the walls that have gone up on the 2nd level.

There's not much visible change on the rest of the ride.  There is a crane up though (you can barely see it through the trees towards the left center of the photo) so they must be moving something.

The final photo for this update shows the hill by Echo Hollow.  More footers have popped up, but at this point - until some steel starts going up it is hard to even begin to come up with what the layout might look like.