February 25, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

Steve Murphy came through with another video update of the progress on the front gate area.  You can see that they are prepping for the siding to go on the building that was the former Guest Relations.  It looks the new Rental and Locker building is done from this angle.

The new Guest Relations building is also preparing for its siding to be installed.  If you look off in the distance it appears that the remaining Tivoli building might be receiving sides so that it can be enclosed.

They sure are making short work on the turnstiles building.  The cupolas have been added and now the building towers over its surroundings. 

Finally if you look past the construction you can see the roof of the newest pavilion.  Hopefully we can get another progress shot of that area soon.

I still cannot believe this is Worlds of Fun - I barely recognize the area anymore.  Major improvement and I am super excited to see this area in person.