October 8, 2017

Christmas in Midtown Installation (SDC)

Since our last update, the larger set pieces have been installed.

Behind Grandfather's Mansion

Big Jack's

The "tree" on top of the platform that used to be Huck's Hideaway

Eventually the base will be made to look like a giant present.

It looks like they've added some more lights to the structures as well.

Another "light tree" over by Woodcarver's.

You can see that there are additional light sculptures hanging on the support wires that area attached to the center pole for the "tree"

Close up of the star.

The star is pretty visible in the area.

The spinning "globe" is pretty much in the center of the area.

This will be an impressive looking piece.

Another neat piece is the carousel which features a train.

The final piece is this lighted tunnel, which will be awesome to walk through.
Thank you to sanddunerider for supplying the photos for today's update.