October 29, 2017

Winterfest Installation (WOF)

Hard to believe that Winterfest is right around the corner.

Large Christmas lights now call the front entrance gate area home.

Most of the large restaurants have decorations already up inside.
This is Chickie's and Pete's

SteelHawk is down for the season as it has been turned into a large tree of lights.

Mistletoe has already opened in the Front Street shops.

This will be your main headquarters for Winterfest souvenirs.

There are plenty of different Christmas themed Worlds of Fun shirts to choose from.  They also have a really cool ornament and snowglobes.

There are lots of Christmas decorations you can buy as well.

Seriously - there are a lot of things you can buy here.

Some decorations already up in Planet Snoopy.  There were in the trees above the Red Barron kiddie ride.

Most of the lighted decorations are located in Europa.

Most of the trees features some sort of lighted decoration.  These have icicle dripping light strands hanging from most of the branches.

Some lighted displays going in over near Le Taxi Tour.

The most visible decoration is this large tree near Moulin Rouge.
Winterfest opens to the public on November 24th.