October 20, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

While the track may be complete, there is still a lot of work to be done on Time Traveler.  Here is the view from the back porch of the Culinary School.

The first drop is very visible from inside Echo Hollow.

A lot of work was being done on the final brake run and turn back into the station today.

They were installing different components that appeared to be for advancing the train back to the station as well as block sensors.

It was fun seeing so much activity taking place.

Another piece being prepped for installation.

You can see some drive wheels in this shot.

A look down the final brake run.

Here's a look from below of that same section.

Here is the transfer track mechanism.

It does not look like they have track segments in place inside the maintenance sheds yet.

Here's a different view of the maintenance bays.

We questioned how they were going to "hide" the transfer track from the queue line - we have our answer now.  These roofs over the queue will funnel the attention forward instead of up.

Another look at the transfer track mechanism.

It will line up with the station track here.

and the final turn into the station here.

One last look at the workers before we move on.  Also notice that the box of parts has the MACK logo on it.  Just in case you needed more proof that this is a MACK coaster.

We're now down in Echo Hollow over by the restrooms.  Here is the view over that fence now.  It sure has become a lot more impressive looking.

Most of the work is being focused on the launches now.

The workers were on the two different launches.

Another look at one of the launches.

The power house for the launches can be seen below the launch.

Final look for today.  We'll be back again next month to check out the progress