October 20, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Let's take a look at the progress of the queue line now.

The pathway has railing now all the way to the top.

The crew was busy working on the finishing touches today.

There a few areas without side boards still so that the crew can still access their supplies on the hill.

They were making short work of the top railing today.

Looking on down the hill, you can see how there is a covering over the section that goes under the track and maintenance area.

These roofs will help keep the focus of the public going straight forward into the building instead of up where all of the transfer track area is located.

They have added details to the bridge and those new wooden panels are quickly turning the grey color that is present on the station building.

I got to admit, I really like the look for the queue line.

Looking back up the hill.  I guess we will have to wait to see if the covering continues.

Looking back down hill to where the queue line enters the station building.

Here's a look at where the queue enters the building as seen from the TNT queue.

A different look of where the queue enters the building.

The pathway on the left is where the Trailblazer pass holders will enter.

I am not sure if their queue will enter via this door or if this door is an emergency exit.

The Trailblazer queue line will bypass the bottom level of switchbacks and will enter right into the second level (also bypassing those switchbacks) to head straight upstairs to the load level.  Also note the detail work on the supports for the bridge near that pathway.

You can get a better view of the detailing on the bottom of the bridge from this angle.

I have to admit that it really adds some much needed character to the structure.

Now for a rather interesting addition to the bridge.  They have enclosed this part for some reason.

I am guessing that it will be for storage as there is a door to access the insides.

I like how they have added detail work to the bottom of the supports of the bridge.

Here you can see where the coverings currently end (it doesn't look to me like they are done with it and I predict it will probably go much farther up the hill).  You can also see how big of a section they have enclosed on the exit ramp.

Looking over the fence at the top of the hill, you can see more of the ADA access pathway

One last look at the station.  I should also note that they have replicated the wood paneling on the bottom of the bridge at the bottom of the station.  I think it helps pull the entire structure together.