October 20, 2017

Christmas in Midtown Installation (SDC)

Since our last update, the park has added a few additional props to the show.  At each entrance there is now a very large truss going over the pathway.  This one is over by the Blacksmith.

This entrance is over by Grandfather's Mansion.

They have added a "Merry Christmas" sign between Grandfather's and the new Mexican place.

Large lighted red bulbs are now in several trees.

Santa and his sleigh

Lots of icicle lights on the tree near the Corkscrew Pass.

Speaking of the Corkscrew Pass, they have a new light tunnel there.

The "gift" bottom has been installed on the old tree house stand.  There is a giant bow that is sure to look pretty neat when it is turned on.

I don't know if we have covered this before or not, but they have built a lattice work frame for the lights that go on the roofs of the different buildings.

Finally there are two additional light tunnels over by the Woodcarvers.  There are large entrance truss structures for each entrance -- and even though we didn't get a photo, there is an additional entrance truss by Bears in the Hollow.  The display will stretch all the way to that shop.