March 23, 2019

Rail Runner (Anakeesta)

Rail Runner is the mountain coaster at the top of Anakeesta

This particular mountain coaster is unique because it is a single rail, and is being billed as the "first in America"

Here is the load station for the ride

You ride in very small carts.  They are so much smaller than the other carts of other mountain coasters in the area.

As for the ride itself, well we can say we "did it" but we don't feel like we will ever need to do it again.

The ride is extremely rough and since you are only on one rail, you feel every bump and imperfection along the route.  You can't go full speed due to the layout and honestly it's just not fun.

You can see the layout going down on the right and here we are on the lift back up.

I think because you are only one rail, your center of gravity is different from what it would be on other mountain coasters - so don't go in expecting the same riding sensation

It is a rather long ride though.  So, that's one redeeming factor for the ride.

But, we still suggest riding it yourself and formulate your own opinion.  The views going up the lift hill back to the station (you have to look back though) are pretty neat.