March 20, 2019

Rowdy Bear Gravity Coaster


Welcome to the Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Complex in Downtown Gatlinburg

The first attraction we'll cover is the Gravity Coaster

The layout has a rather twisted lift hill to the top.

As you ascend to the top, you travel under the Mountain Glider, the other attraction at the complex.

It really is a long way up

Along the route up, you'll encounter lights used for their night rides

Here you can see some of the course heading back down.

So the layout is pretty fast.  There are some serpentine turns up high mixed with fast straight aways.

At the bottom of the course you encounter two big sets of helices that really pull some heavy G-forces.

Personally, I think this is the best course in Gatlinburg.  Still doesn't beat out the three up in Pigeon Forge, but is definitely a fun ride and worth a stop.